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We are located at Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte, Philippines. Bagasbas Beach has been known for its long wide beach and surfing since the 1970’s. At Bagasbas you find the authentic Philippine environment of surfers and friendly philippinos. You do not find here the nightlife party scene, just beach bars and plain relax on the beach.

Now we are known for a lot more, especially the great kiteboarding conditions during the season from November to March.

And our domestic airport just at the beach enables also to paramotor and make tandem rides during the windless season from March to May.

Kiteboarding on waves,
Davis Drande, Bagasbas ’14

With a large area, we are never crowded. You can choose the waves or flat sandy bottom lagoons; island hopping or long downwinders - it’s all right here! 

We are a Kiteboarding Centre offering:

  1.     lessons from IKO certified instructors;

  2.     F-One equipment sales;

  3.     equipment rent;

  4.     equipment repairs.

Wind conditions range from 15 to 30 knots. The prime months for 20+ knots are December and January.

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On windless days, there is an extremely exciting option to take a Paramotor Discovery flight. To see Bagasbas and the sea with our many surrounding islands from the air, is a truly unique experience. Make sure to take your camera, or we have a Go Pro onboard to capture the moment for you.

For those, who are interested in learning how to Paramotor, we can arrange Paramotor lessons for you however it requires a few things be in place first and is by appointment only. Just inquire with us if you are interested and we can go over the details.

Our season for flights is March through May, but there are days during the kiteboarding season where it is possible to take a flight with us.

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